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Bachelorette Contest Results!

The winner with 473 points

  • President Pawlicki

Runner-up with 382 points

  • Auntie  

3rd place with 370 points

  • Marissa  

4th place with 341 points

  • Courtney  

5th place with 278 points

  • Jim Hrdlicka 

6th place with 228 points

  • Shannon McVey 

7th place with 154 points

  • AT 


Fun fact: No one guessed Jef would be the one to win Emily’s heart, so the only points awarded during the finale were the bonus points for correctly guessing the first person to meet Emily’s daughter (awarded to President Pawlicki). Thanks to everyone for participating and congrats to our winner!


Apparently none of us thought Jef’s proposal to Miss Piggy would turn into practice for his proposal to Emily:


The Bachelorette Contest: Episode 8 Results

It’s down to the final 3! While there was no change at the top this week, there are still quite a few points up for grabs depending on the results the next few weeks and the big bonus point category – who gets to meet Ricki first?

Results after the 8th episode, including everyone’s final three picks:

1st place with 392 points

  • President Pawlicki (1st Arie, 2nd Jef, 3rd Sean)

2nd place with 354 points

  • Auntie (1st Doug, 2nd Arie, 3rd Jef) 

3rd place with 342 points

  • Marissa (1st Arie, 2nd Doug, 3rd Sean) 

4th place with 341 points

  • Courtney (1st Chris, 2nd Sean, 3rd Ryan) 

5th place with 278 points

  • Jim Hrdlicka (1st Kalon, 2nd Doug, 3rd Jef)

6th place with 228 points

  • Shannon McVey (1st Doug, 2nd Ryan, 3rd Arie)

7th place with 154 points

  • AT (1st Michael, 2nd Aaron, 3rd Ryan)

Also I apologize for the delay this week – I haven’t been able to watch this episode yet! The results here are based on tweets I’ve seen about the episode so if there are bonus points I should’ve handed out this week and missed please let me know!