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The Bachelorette Season 10 Preview

One week from today I will be pouring myself a glass of wine and sitting down to the premier of Andi’s season of The Bachelorette!


Andi wasn’t afraid to tell Juan Pablo her true thoughts, and had some amazingly hilarious tweets while the show was airing, so I am hoping for great things this season! Without further ado, the contestants:





Brian: This Basketball Coach from Pennsylvania likes The Notebook and reading John Grisham. This combination of interests should serve him well with the hopeless romantic attorney Andi!



Chris: This farmer from Lamont, IA (population 461) will win simply because he’s Iowan. And no one can resist the charm of an Iowan. Also his favorite movies include Rudy and his biggest date fear is accidental diarrhea. Don’t be strange, fellow Iowan, please don’t be strange.



Craig: This accountant from Defiance, IA (population 284) will also win because he is an Iowan. Considering he has stripped, stripper outfit and all, at his uncle’s 50th birthday (his most embarrassing moment), puked on a date of his (worst date memory), and loved the scrapbook he received from a previous girlfriend, my state’s reputation may be in trouble.


Josh B

Josh B: This telecommunication marketer from Colorado runs marathons, likes hiking, wishes he could teleport, and wishes he was a professional golfer so he could donate all of his winnings when he gets old.


Josh M

Josh M: This former pro baseball player was a Georgia Bulldog during his college career. Andi lives in Georgia. His brother was the quarterback at Georgia who just was drafted (Aaron Murray). Andi’s dad LOVES Georgia football. It’s a match made in Georgia heaven.



Marcus: This sports Medicine Manager lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He’s a former pro soccer player who loves his mom and lived in Europe for awhile for the whole soccer thing. My favorite quote of his so far? “Corny is good, I think.”



Marquel: This Sponsorship Salesman from California wins my personal award for best fashion in the contestant photo shoot. His typical Saturday night consists of Netflix, cookies, and a glass of wine. He’s basically my spirit animal.





Andrew: This 30 yr old Social Media Manager from California seems fairly normal (so… boring in terms of this show). He clearly watched Juan Pablos’s season since his answer to “I hate it when my date…” was “doesn’t ask me any questions about myself/talks about herself incessantly”.



Carl: This Hollywood firefighter has a bulldog named “Archie” and seems to basically eat, breathe, and sleep Crossfit.



Cody: This personal trainer from Kansas proves everyone who lives in Kansas looks like the previous Bachelor Sean. I will give Cody points for being far tanner than Sean and not maintaining the perma-sunburn I got used to for an entire season of the show. Oh and he has no tattoos because “you don’t put bumper stickers on a Mercedes :-) “.



Emil: This helicopter pilot from Portland likes to Twerk and hates it when anyone but him is the center of attention. He’s been to 42 states but never to Chicago, which I find odd. He does read books for fun though, which most of the other contestants don’t seem to do.



Jason: Ok, so I’m also judging his hair. But if you can manage to get past the terrible haircut, he seems pretty awesome. This Urgent Care Physician seems fairly funny since in reference to his M.D. he said “you know you’ve done something worthwhile if you get some letters after your name.” He likes philanthropists, spontaneity and wishes he had x-ray vision to improve his patient satisfaction scores.



Patrick: This Advertising Executive from New Jersey played soccer in England and Italy. I’m expecting wonderful pickup games based on the roster thus far of former pro soccer players. He likes to surprise ladies he’s dating with flowers, jewelry, spa reservations, and basically everything the show will take care of for him. So he will need to develop a new dating strategy.



Ron: This Beverage Sales Manager lives in Israel but I think (based on research) he previously lived in Barbados.


Nick S

Nick S: This Golf Pro who played soccer at IU (seriously they ALL play soccer!) wants to be the President of the US to “know what it feels like to be the most powerful person in the world.” He seems like a bit of a jerk, but Andi liked Juan Pablo for awhile so that may not be a deal breaker at first for her.


Nick V

Nick V: This Software Sales Executive from Wisconsin lists “a rose… duh” as his favorite flower. He also viewed a scrapbook as the most romantic gift he’s ever received. Please don’t make a scrapbook Nick, please!





Bradley: This recently divorced Opera singer likes to read The Economist and wants to travel around the world (presumably with his children).



Brett: This hairstylist who appears to have a mini-mullet (seriously… look at the full sized pic here) said he’d like to be “invisible” as his super power. The reason? “To see all the weird stuff people do when they’re alone.” Creepy.



Dylan: This accountant from Massachusetts likes apple juice and Connect Four. Every answer of his incorporated his love for the Red Sox, Patriots, Tom Brady, and the Northeast. I’m not sure Andi, the native Georgian who has never lived outside the South, will be able to talk to him about anything but Connect Four.



JJ: He owns a clothing store (http://hemhaus.com/) that sells items like this gem:

gummy/\vest - pink/\green

I hope he stays around so we can see some more of his fashion!



Mike: This bartender from New York likes hiking and sipping hot chocolate under the stars. He’s a bartender at a ski resort and apparently he skis all day while working and gets summers off, to do things like The Bachelorette.



Rudie: This Attorney and hippie from California is a former band member who likes beaches, fun, and likes the Dalai Lama because he’s “rad”.



Steven: This Snowboard Product Developer from California likes country music and almost everything outdoors. He would like to travel in time to the Cretaceous period because “it would be awesome to see a T-Rex.



Tasos: This wedding planner (and it appears aspiring musician) from Denver, if he could be someone else for a day, would be Mick Jagger for the “rock star life and fortune”. Not sure if that lines up with Andi’s good-girl gang prosecutor image.


Honorable Mention

For those of you who don’t know, contestant Eric Hill died during production of the show. This 31 year old explorer from California had one of the best/coolest/most genuine overall bios of the group. You can read it in its entirety here: http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelorette/cast/10-bachelor-eric



Note: All pictures and bio information from ABC.

Link of the Day: Outrageous Bachelor/Bachelorette Moments

Today’s link of the day is a recap of the 15 most outrageous moments in Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise history. While I don’t think this list is perfect, I do think it’s a fun walk down memory lane for loyal fans of the show, and a fun intro for those who have never watched such television perfection!



The Bachelorette: A Preview

Desiree’s season starts next week. Which means all I have to judge the men on is their ABC.com profiles and the previews I’ve seen. Here are my first impressions:


The Contenders

Brad – A contender because an Accountant/DJ combo has to be a contender. And he answered the Bio questions with humor. Oh and he’s obsessed with peanut butter. His only downside? He can’t remember the last time he read a book.



Drew – HIs favorite author is Hemingway (which means he reads, unlike most of the other guys on this season). His favorite flower is “a rose, obviously. Haha” which sounds like a very stereotypical response from this Digital Marketing Analyst. The downside? He apparently can’t count. The 3 things he’d bring if stranded on a desert island are “A sailboat, a radio, a case of Cabernet, and a few books”.



Juan Pablo – This former pro soccer player doesn’t read. He’s laid back but wants to dance all night. If he had a superpower it would be to read people’s minds, which is creepy. But he’s attractive and athletic so I have a feeling Des will like him.

Juan Pablo


Kasey – This advertising executive with 5 siblings once rode his bike across Sierra Leone. He’s a former Oral Roberts Basketball player so either he’s a jerk athlete or he’s a passionate Christian. I’m guessing the latter and thinking Des will fall for him.



Larry – Went to Notre Dame. Enough said. Ok I don’t actually think he’s a contender based on his hair, but it’s obvious from his Bio ABC wants to play up the ND factor so I’m going to hope he stays awhile.



Mike R – This Dental Student/Model from London may have a cheesy grin in his photo, but he has the whole English accent thing going for him. He apparently likes “bouncing around dive bars with women who are not usually into those kinds of places.” He’s also had sex in public on a military base. Apparently these guys think they’re under oath to admit everything they’ve done in these questionnaires…

Mike R.


Nick M – This Investment Advisor is son of a CEO of a Fortune 500 company (I’ll research and figure out which one). He seems like one of the more normal guys on the show, and reads enough to have a favorite author.

Nick M.


Robert – This Advertising Entrepreneur lists The Notebook among his favorite movies. He’s been to Paris for a picnic date under the Eiffel Tower so I imagine he’ll adjust well to the types of dates on The Bachelorette. He also reads enough to have a favorite author so I expect he’ll go far.




The “eh, seem pretty average” guys

Ben – An entrepreneur from Texas who quite literally answered every Bio question with blah, middle-of-the-road answers that say nothing about his personality:



Bryden – This Iraq War Veteran (who appears to have no current career) is a former Soldier of the Year runner up and listed his best date memory as Go Karts and Laser Tag (which is kind of awesome).



Chris – likes Scrabble. And was drafted by the Cubs (but is listed as a Mortgage Broker so I’ll assume he doesn’t play baseball anymore).



Jonathan – This Attorney lists his best three attributes as his height (6’1”), shoe size (11 – thanks ABC for listing all of the shoe sizes for the guys…), and his vertical leap (TBD). He loves dogs and his dad. If stranded on a desert island he would bring Marisa Miller, and she spells her name incorrectly, so he’s out of the running to be a favorite.



Micah – Fairly average sounding Minnesota law student who likes lakes, cold and being the center of attention. Oh and he once bought an engagement ring for a girl after dating her for a week.



Will – This banker includes Mac & Cheese in his favorite foods and likes going for walks with his dates, which are both awesome. Healso likes taking his dates to the gym to work out with him, which is a little weird to list as your favorite date. His last relationship lasted 6 years so I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s not over her.



Zak W – At least he admits giving a previous girlfriend a robot vacuum as a gift was not the most romantic thing he’s ever done. He claims to be an engineer but apparently went to school for English & Psych. He seems to be funny and a little quirky so I think he’ll do ok on the show.

Zak W



The Bottom Dwellers

Brandon – He’s from Minnesota yet prefers hot over cold. He also appears to highlight his hair. He’s been engaged before but listed the reason for the breakup as “we never really found a venue.” Seriously… I can’t even make this stuff up. The pros? He loves dogs and his grandpa.



Brian – Based on the previews I think he’s the one that has a girlfriend appear on the show. Even if he’s not that guy, he’s not a contender at all because it looks like he took a selfie as his official picture. And he wants a girl with “an athletic, curvy body type at least 5’5″… and Des is a short stick figure.



Brooks – Overall a boring Bio. But if he had a superpower he’d beat Watson the computer in Jeopardy.



Dan – Hopes to meet his wife on TV because he doesn’t “do the club scene.” Naturally TV is the only other option. And his favorite artist is apparently Leonardo da Vinci. And he said (unprompted) in his questionnaire that he’d be interested in being the next Bachelor if he doesn’t win… so he’s thinking too far ahead.



Diogo – From Brazil and likes horseback riding on the beach. So a walking romance novel. He casually mentioned in his Bio a few last minute dates to Italy and Disneyland, so I’m guessing he’s got $ and will use it to try to win over Des, which never works on this show (cough Kalon cough).



James – His favorite author is Dr. Seuss. I love Dr. Seuss too, but favorite author? He wants a woman who pursues him… so he went on the wrong show. His biggest date fear is spilling tomato sauce on a white shirt, which is kind of adorable. But he literally left his biggest accomplishment in life to date blank, which is bizarre. At 27 if he hasn’t accomplished anything worth mentioning he probably is boring.



Michael G – This Federal Prosecutor is 33, so he seems a little old for Desiree. He also brought up being a diabetic as often as possible, which makes me think he’ll bring it up on the show as often as Sarah brought up her one arm last season.

Michael G.


Mikey T – What is it with these guys? Mikey hasn’t read a book in “many years.” This plumbing contractor and Pawn Stars fan has been the star of a “surprise striptease show in front of hundreds of sorority girls.” His idea of the ultimate date is a sporting event and dinner.

Mikey T.


Nick R – This Tailor/Magician (interesting combo) appears to eat only organically and has the best handwriting of all of the guys. What does marriage mean to him? Monogamy. Apparently he’s not used to that concept.

Nick R.


Zack K – Went to USC and includes among his greatest achievements “getting a full ride to USC” for baseball.

Zack K.


Bachelorette Contest Results!

The winner with 473 points

  • President Pawlicki

Runner-up with 382 points

  • Auntie  

3rd place with 370 points

  • Marissa  

4th place with 341 points

  • Courtney  

5th place with 278 points

  • Jim Hrdlicka 

6th place with 228 points

  • Shannon McVey 

7th place with 154 points

  • AT 


Fun fact: No one guessed Jef would be the one to win Emily’s heart, so the only points awarded during the finale were the bonus points for correctly guessing the first person to meet Emily’s daughter (awarded to President Pawlicki). Thanks to everyone for participating and congrats to our winner!


Apparently none of us thought Jef’s proposal to Miss Piggy would turn into practice for his proposal to Emily:


The Bachelorette Finale: Cliffs Notes Version

So I sent this summary of the finale (and After the Final Rose) to Andy, but I realized it was so awesome that I didn’t want to only send it to someone who doesn’t even watch the show! So, here’s my cliffs notes version of the finale:

He wore a skinny tie, proposed, she left him hanging for an awkward 10 seconds, then she said yes and they quite literally skipped into the sunset with her daughter. The star of the show was Neil Lane’s accent and the awkward motel-looking background to the final rose ceremony, but it was still cute and they are happy despite jef’s missing f!

Bachelorette Contest: We have a new leader!

With a new leader and only a few more episodes left here are the results after the 7th episode:

1st place with 320 points

  • President Pawlicki

2nd place with 317 points

  • Courtney

3rd place with 306 points

  • Auntie

4th place with 294 points

  • Marissa

5th place with 254 points

  • Jim Hrdlicka

6th place with 204 points

  • Shannon McVey

7th place with 154 points

  • AT

Bachelorette Contest – 3rd Episode Results

Results after the 3rd episode:

1st place tie with 66 points:

  • Marissa Henry
  • Auntie

2nd place tie with 64 points:

  • President Pawlicki
  • Shannon McVey

3rd place tie with 62 points:

  • Courtney
  • Jim Hrdlicka

4th place with 54 points:

  • AT

*Note: No bonus points have been awarded yet. We are still debating if Tony left voluntarily or not and no one guessed Alessandro would be the one kicked off. Once we’ve decided if Tony left voluntarily (aka Courtney and I are on gchat at the same time) we’ll update the scores if necessary.

2nd Episode Fun!

I forgot just how awkward these first dates can be. I mean Emily knew almost nothing about the guys and so the first 1:1 dates are so awkward – I feel like they might as well start with “Hi my name’s ________, I’m a banker but quit my job to find ‘true love’ and I’m from Washington” or something along those lines.

Instead, since it’s The Bachelorette, she starts with something like “where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?” Is this a job interview? Ok well I guess it is to her – she’s looking for the driver for her minivan full of babies, but she might as well start with something like “What experience do you have with children?” because she’s for sure looking for that.

Ok about the guys. I’m fully team Arie. There wasn’t enough of them in this episode, but for a girl whose entire life is a story destined for a movie, I think Arie winning her heart would only be a bizarre yet perfect ending. Plus according to their two second talk he has no problem dating women who have children, which hopefully translates to “meets minimum job requirements” in Emily’s mini-van driver search.

Meet Bachelorette Emily Maynard's Men: Arie

And it’s obvious the way she looks at him she likes him far more than most of the other guys there. By the way his dad is a two time winner if the Indianapolis 500, so once again Emily’s potentially dating into a racing family…

Unfortunately Jef is somehow winning her attention.

Meet Bachelorette Emily Maynard's Men: Jef

I feel like he’s never been in a relationship before. I mean he’s avoiding her because he likes her – are we in middle school? Maybe he spent too much time saving the world with his company and not enough time looking for love? Well she obviously likes him so despite the missing f and odd hair I think he’s probably going to stick around for awhile. On paper he’s a great guy, I’m just hoping his f reproduces to make his name “Jeff” and he gets a hair cut during the season.

For some reason I’m not a fan of Ryan. I though his was the cutest date I’ve seen on The Bachelorette/Bachelor yet (baking cookies and delivering them to soccer practice, then a nice dinner). It was so normal. At first I could tell he was disappointed he wasn’t jumping off a bridge or something, but he came around! I just thought the whole date was awkward. Maybe because it was the first 1:1 date, but the chemistry just didn’t seem to be there.

I thought it was interesting Joe went home so early… I mean it seemed like less of an awkward date than, say, Jef on the group date… I know he didn’t specifically say “I want babies now” but he was basically saying he wants to take life wherever it goes, and that he was willing to put all his cards on the Emily and Ricky bandwagon, which is probably a much more realistic answer to the question than the “I want a mini-van full of babies too!” that she must be looking for.


Favorite Quotes of the Episode - “I proposed to Miss Piggy,” words I’m guessing Jef never thought he’d say…

“If you like being outside and doing stuff like that” – Arie, you’re gonna have to try lots harder than that to make Scottsdale a place Emily would even want to visit. Does she look like an outdoorsy girl to you?

“I’m up for whatever you have in mind,” (x3) Ryan, I’m sure you are. Now if you could only say that three more times… oh wait. You did. Are you aware her daughter might watch this show someday?

Bachelorette Contest Update

Results after the 2nd episode:

1st place tie with 28 points:

  • President Pawlicki
  • Shannon McVey


3rd place tie with 26 points:

  • Marissa Henry
  • Auntie
  • Jim Hrdlicka
  • AT


My thoughts on the first episode

Ok so here’s my thoughts on the first episode:

Favorite Quotes:

Kalon “I used to be kind of loud and obnoxious and a womanizer”… um probably not the way you want to introduce yourself to America.

Emily “A minivan full of babies” is what she wants 5 years from now. That’s her first thought. I’m not sure if she wants the guy or the kids…

Emily “When I go to the grocery store guys are not pulling me in 15 different sections of the grocery store”

Favorite moment: Emily’s attempt to respond to the Brazilian guy’s portuguese intro in Spanish. I assume she didn’t realize that they don’t speak Spanish in Brazil…

Thoughts on the Guys:

Kalon: The “former” womanizer is not my favorite, but I’m reserving judgment for later But he plays tennis, which makes me smile :-) The helicopter was a bold move and since you have to stand out somehow on the first night I don’t blame him. Though he flaunts his money around a little too much which bothers me.

Ryan – Teaching really little kids to lift tires isn’t attractive… But I want your dog. And you had a cute intro.

Tony – goofy. I think he might be for Emily if his life weren’t so settled in Oregon. Though if he keeps pulling the “I have a kid too card” he’ll go far. And he knew she’s a princess at heart and used that already so he might be a contender.

Charlie – You win the cutest dog award. Can I steal your bulldog? Also what’s up with all the dogs???

Jef – Cut your hair. Until then no one can take you seriously. And don’t ride a skateboard in to meet someone who has a kid…

Sean – INCREDIBLY awkward hello.

Doug – You pulled the son card WAY too early. But I have to admit that letter was precious, and it obviously made you stand out already.

Joe – You have WAY too much energy. I couldn’t even keep up with the introduction, I felt exhausted just watching it!

Arie – At least he recognized it’s a long shot her falling for another race car driver (even though she claims it isn’t). But I saw the way she looked at you when you introduced yourself… she liiiikes you

Kyle – Boring.

Chris – Talked WAYYYY too much when he introduced himself. And appears to be attempting to stir up drama in future episodes.

Aaron – The glasses were a little goofy looking. But I kind of think she might fall for you. And your corny pick-up line she seemed to fall for, maybe Jackson should take some pointers…

Alessandro – How did you survive a move from Brazil to Minneapolis? I mean talk about a weather change…

Nate – Apparently smells good

John “Wolf” – Emily please go on a date with him soon so I can figure out what a data destruction engineer does!

Travis – Ok the egg thing is really really bizarre.

Michael looks like he belongs in Hanson, not on the Bachelorette. Though if they could convince him to sing mmbop my life would be made…

Alejandro – He’s a charity director and she works (or worked) at a children’s hospital! A match made in “doing good in the world” heaven! I hope she keeps him around awhile.

No Roses For You

Emily, WHY DID YOU SEND LERONE HOME SO EARLY????? He was my favorite after the intros! Then again I’m pretty sure some of the people kept on there are for the entertainment value of the show and not who you would’ve picked, but how did you turn down Lerone???????

Jean-Paul – I don’t know why you and Lerone went home. Apparently she didn’t like that you didn’t creepily look her up before the season started (because let’s be real, very few guys watch the Bachelor so I doubt most of them knew her story before thinking about being on the show).

Randy – Cross dressing like a grandma is not exactly the way to a woman’s heart.

Jackson – Apparently Emily doesn’t fall for corny pick-up lines.

Brent – The nametag didn’t work too well for you bud.

David – No wonder you got sent home. You like her posture? Really? Who says that?


By the way did anyone else notice Emily’s tattoo? Is it new? If not how did I not notice this before?????