This is the Winter that Never Ends

So it seems that this year Mother Nature hates me.

In the spirit of looking on the bright side here are the best things to come from this terrible year of winter continuing to wreak havoc on Chicago:

  • Vocabulary expansion to include ‘Polar Vortex’
  • Discovery of my dog’s paws’ temperature limit (-5°)
  • Multiple Netflix marathons
  • Re-discovery of the show 19 Kids and Counting
  • Extra cuddle sessions with Bennie (and Andy if Bennie was willing to share)
  • A decorative birdhouse courtesy of my shopping trip I titled Help I’ve Been Working From Home For Multiple Days In A Row And I’m Losing My Mind
  • 10 hours outside enjoying the balmy 70° high on Easter Sunday
  • Significant progress toward my 1001 books list
  • Appreciation for those who have survived living in Canada

Winter Wonderland

The last few years I didn’t need to do much Christmas decorating since Notre Dame did more than enough to make me feel festive. Now that I’m in the real world it’s up to me to feel festive. So what did I do? After a few trips to Target and recycling some dorm room decorations I have established a winter wonderland in my apartment… all for less than $200!

It all started with a $20 tree. Once I got the tree I wanted a tree skirt, and I immediately gravitated towards the ones with sequins. The tree skirt matched my purple tree from my dorm room, so I decided to get another small tree to match it, which led to buying a fourth little tiny tree. Naturally all of these trees needed the sequined tree skirts.

Then it came to ornaments. My number one criteria? Glitter. Lots of glitter. And big enough ornaments to make my tree look fuller than a $20 artificial tree. Once I found ornaments I of course needed a glitter-filled tree topper to match and the many other random accessories scattered throughout the apartment. And I can’t forget the silver mardi gras beads as garland…

My biggest struggle in developing my Winter Wonderland? The lights. I stood in front of the lights for a good 20 minutes trying to decide between the LED lights (Target was out of the color I wanted) or the pink normal lights. Eventually I decided that, while I love pink, it’s not a Christmas color, so I went with the blue lights for outside and the blueish white lights for inside. While I realize those of you who made it this far in the post probably don’t care about the color of my Christmas lights, I felt I needed to share the results of my most major Christmas purchase dilemma to date.

Now there is still one major thing missing from my Winter Wonderland. Snow. I’m not sure how to make it snow, but I assure you if I could I’d make it happen. Until then I’ll continue to pray for snow while enjoying my Winter Wonderland.

p.s. As a reward for those who read this far and might actually be interested in my glittery Winter Wonderland… I’ve included pictures!