My parents got me a Fitbit for my birthday!

Fitbit Flex


Now that I’ve used it for about two weeks I’m starting to realize just how bad sitting in an office all day can be for my health. I usually get up and walk as often as possible, try to talk to people instead of email them when possible, and try to go on a decently long walk with Bennie every day. And guess what? That puts me nowhere near the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

Thanks to the Fitbit reminding me of things I probably already knew, I’ve started going on longer walks with Bennie, drinking more water, and eating better. Thankfully spring is almost here, and spending more time outside walking or running is much needed after this long winter. So overall I am extremely happy with the Fitbit!

The one thing I’m still not convinced the Fitbit tracks even remotely accurately is my sleep. Particularly curious is the fact that when I wake up in the morning I usually have between 10 and 60 steps under my belt for the day, despite “0 times awake”. I’m sure it thinks restless times are also steps, but it’s still a little strange.

While the Fitbit in some ways is just a glorified pedometer, the integration with the app (which in turn is easily integrated with running and calorie tracking apps I already use) is extremely slick, and worth the money. Now I just need to get my hands on the new violet colored wristband!